Sunday, 19 November 2017

We did it - world's biggest repair cafe

Our aim was to beat the world record which was 150 repairs. We didn't just break it, we totally smashed it with 232 completely successful repairs. Here are some pictures from the fabulous repair cafe at Wesley Methodist Church on Christ's pieces, Saturday 11th November.

The whole place was buzzing. 
We fixed bikes, clothes, toys, electricals - you name it, we had someone who could fix it. 
Patagonia explaining a repair
And in case you had to wait there was tea and cake.
Here are some of the things people said:

 Absolutely delighted, as I did the lamp repair myself (under tuition of course!)
People are amazingly lovely and helpful, it was a very refreshing experience
Amazed he could fix it - so pleased he did. Thank you!
Extremely happy.
Wonderful, such a positive idea. I learnt something new and met new people.
Was advised on how to repair it in a different way if it went wrong again.
Of course I could have just chucked this out when it broke but I always liked it and now I'm so glad because it's as good as new.  Thank you to the amazing repairers!

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who took part: including 46 repairers and 59 other volunteers. And an even bigger thank you to Nicole from Cambridge Carbon Footprint, Kate from Transition Cambridge,  and everyone else involved in organising this or contributing to it. And also a big thank you to Mackays of Cambridge and Draper Tools who have given our Repair Cafes fabulous support with tools and stuff.

If you'd like to see videos of the event, That's TV has made a newsy video and Duncan Mackay has published a more contemplative one.

There are more repair cafes in Cambridge and the surround area advertised on the Circular Cambridge website. Fixing things is good for us and good for the planet too.

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