Thursday, 26 July 2018

Cool ways for a hot Summer

This hot weather was great for a while, but now my veg patch is crispy,  everyone wilts in soaring temperatures and daytime productivity is at an all-time low.  It's time to find some new strategies to cope with extreme heat! Here are my top  eco-friendly, low cost solutions that you can do right now.

1. Cold towel technology
Take a cotton neckerchief or clean tea towel and wet it with cold water. Wring it out and shake it vigorously a few times,  it will feel cool and soothing. Wrap it around your neck or wrist for some instant relief from the heat. When the cooling effect wears off, just shake it out again.

2. Grey water winners
Save your washing up water for shrubs and trees in the garden. You can make it a cleaner shade of grey if you wipe  excess food residues off the plates using kitchen paper which can then go into the green bin. 

3. Cool sleeps
It's no fun trying to sleep in hot and humid weather!  If your home is super insulated, you may find a downstairs room is cooler than the bedroom because hot air rises. These environmentally and energy conscious ideas might help.
*Choose cotton sheets and  nightwear over synthetics which are better at keeping bodies cool.  
*Fill your trusty hot water bottle 2/3s with cold water and freeze it for a bed friendly ice pack. 
*A well known strategy called the 'Egyptian method' is to soak a  bed sheet in cold water, spin it out  to remove the excess water and use it as a cool blanket. 
*Leaving your feet uncovered  by the bedclothes may also work!   

4. Rain, rain, come again
Be prepared for eventual heavy thunderstorms by checking the drains at the base of guttering downpipes for debris. A buildup  of old leaves, dust and detritus here might cause localised flooding and overflowing when the weather changes. 

You can find more tips and information about staying cool over Summer here

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