Sunday, 22 March 2015

Wildlife Wanderings - Paradise LNR 22/02/15

Last month Wildlife Wanderings visited Paradise Local Nature Reserve,

Here a few photos from our visit.  Thank you to Axel Minet for taking the photographs.

Paradise fen is a mixture of water loving woodland and some large pond areas.

This is the flowering body of the Butterbur (Petasites hybridus), which was recorded on this site by John Ray in the 17th Century.

Wildlife wanderers taking a closer look at lichens.  Lichens are both algae and fungus living together in a symbiotic relationship.  Symbiotic meaning that both provide some benefit to the other organism.  The algae photosynthesises creating the food and the fungus provides shelter.

The snowdrops were in wonderful clusters through the wood.

Have you ever looked inside a snowdrop flower?  Many of us hadn't, until one of our younger wanderers opened one up to show us.

We were surprised to find some beautiful fungus on the site, as we thought the season was over.  We've been struggling to I.D the fungi on our walks, we think this one could be a glistening inkcap (Coprinellus miceus).  Is anyone able to help offer a positive identification?

This one however we did manage to identify.  These were rock hard black balls growing on a large tree trunk.  Daldinia concentrica

As spring arrives we see the last of last years seed heads, this is simply beautiful.

Thanks again to Axel Minet for taking the photos.  Looking forward to posting some more about our walk at Cherry Hinton Chalk Pits in the next week.

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