Sunday, 3 August 2014

Transition and the Day of Global Climate Action

On September 23rd, in New York, the UN Climate Change Summit 2014 will convene. Ban Ki-Moon (Secretary General of the UN) is calling the Summit as a means of building momentum for the global climate negotiations in Paris in 2015 (COP21). The heads of all UN Member States, as well as finance, business, civil society and local leaders from public and private sectors are expected to attend.

This summit is a great opportunity for citizens of the world who are concerned about climate change to step up and make a noise - at home, in the workplace, but particularly on the streets and in public places. This raises interesting questions for Transitioners - the motto of Transition being 'think party, not a protest'!

I'd argue that it is well within the remit of Transition to raise awareness of climate change - and the joy inherent in resilient living - out there, in public, on the streets.

There is to be a day of Global Climate Action (a working title, 'official' title tba) to coincide with the UN Climate Change Summit 2014. That day is Saturday September 21st. The international campaigning organisation Avaaz has sent out a rallying email to invite concerned citizens to demonstrate in the streets on the day - the essential idea being to march to a government office and hand in a petition for 100% Clean Renewable Energy. This action is one that can unite citizens across the globe, for there is no place where this demand isn't relevant, and where the vested interests of the fossil fuel industry aren't clutching at their dirty, carbon-heavy assets. 350,000 people world-wide have already committed to march!!

The meme for the Day of Global Climate Action is a green heart - representing what we love...

However, in the spirit of Transition, I would call for a musical offering from Cambridge Transitioners on that day. As a composer, I feel that the joy, emotional authenticity and resilience that music and the arts bring us is central to Transition. I hope to write songs for a group of us to sing - I hope other people will too - I hope people will bring instruments (if even just their voices) and simply show the best of most beautiful side of humanity, in the face of our collective blindness and darker side.

Do contact me - - if you are at all interested in a musical offering on that day... whether you play Violin Grade 1, the Tin Whistle, the Taize Chant or the Pair of Spoons... 

More info about the day to follow.

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